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Grant Bentley and Associates are located in Melbourne, Australia. We do online consultations. The homeopathic consultation is based on observing and listening – both of which can be achieved using online technology.

What do I need to have a consultation?

  • An email address
  • An internet connection fast enough to maintain a Skype meeting with a video camera and microphone OR we can ring you

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Treatment Plan (first step)

Due to a high level of patient loads in the clinic and different time zones, Grant Bentley offers a fast track approach, allowing you to begin your treatment soon after you book.

Your practitioner will complete your case analysis BEFORE speaking with you, using the information you have provided in your proforma and photos. A treatment plan (first step) will be sent to you via email, so you can commence your first remedy soon after your information is received.


First consultation - Treatment Plan (first step) is $275AUD (Australian dollars) charged in two separate payments

  • Stage 1 - booking, appointment confirmation, information collection $75AUD
  • Stage 2 - treatment plan (case analysis, facial analysis, first remedy choice) $200AUD

Follow up consultations $160AUD (at 4/6/8/12 week intervals as your case stablizes)

Your Treatment Plan (first step) includes - facial analysis, case analysis, remedy choice, remedy instructions, up to 3 emails before your next consultation

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Book and pay stage 1

  1. You will be asked to complete a health proforma and facial photos. Once these are received, Grant Bentley will complete a Treatment Plan with remedy choice. This is sent via email within 7 days of receiving your information.
  2. This first appointment is usually within 5 weeks of receiving your Treatment Plan, but may be earlier if you return your proforma and photos quickly
  3. On the day you receive your Treatment Plan the balance ($200AUD) will be debited

Your consultation

  1. Your practitioner will have done a full analysis of your facial photos and your health history before you meet. They will send you a Treatment Plan with remedy choice to get you started before your first appointment. You will receive an email detailing which remedy to take and how to take it. Remedies can be purchased from homeopathic or naturopathic pharmacies in many countries.  Where the remedy cannot be purchased locally it will be sent from Australia**.
  2. Your first appointment will be within 5 weeks of receiving you Treatment Plan to discus any questions that have not been answered from your health history. Your practitioner will spend up to 45mins with you at this first consultation
  3. Follow up appointments will be made via email (usually 4-5 weeks after the first consultation)
  4. You confirm this time or request a different time. 
  5. Second and subsequent consultations are made at 4-5 week intervals until health balance commences (many patients experience at least 50% improvement within 4 consultations). Once the correct remedy is chosen and the patient begins to improve the time between consultations will increase. Most patients require 4 – 8 consultations and then are given instructions for long term maintenance which usually requires 1 – 4 consultations per year after initial treatment.
  6. Cost of subsequent consultations is $160AUD* per consultation – this amount will be debited the day of your follow up consultation.
  7. At least 48 hours’ notice is required for an online appointment cancellation or charges will be applied (< 24 hours 100%, < 48 hours 50%)

**Airmail, parcel post or express post will incur extra charges

Contact between consultations

We are available by email and usually reply to your query within 1 working day. Advice will be given for acute conditions as well as your chronic condition if required, between consultations.  This service is included as part of your ongoing consultation fees where follow ups are booked within practitioner requested time frames. Where a patient pushes out their appointment further than 2 weeks beyond the suggested time-frame, a fee may apply for acute support before the next follow up appointment.

Want to see us in Melbourne?

All consultations are conducted via Skype or phone

Health treatment

Your HFA homeopath will work with you to increase your health through the addition of energy remedies. Many patients will also want to work with their doctor, physical therapist and/or other alternative practitioners. We encourage this group approach to make your health the best it can possibly be.  The combined efforts of all (including your own efforts with diet, exercise and lifestyle) will bring you the greatest chance of improved health. Any type of illness can be treated using this approach. The treatment is non-toxic, effective and does not interfere with or impede any other types of treatment. Both children and adults experience improvements with a wide range of symptoms and illnesses.

Sustainable energy

Energy is the basic engine of all life. When we understand ourselves as energy beings our lives begin to make sense and we choose treatments and lifestyle changes that allow us to move forward with health and understanding.

Out of balance

We are all aware of the importance of sustainable energy for our planet – but the same processes apply to ourselves. We are like a mini-planet trying to survive within the universe of our community and family. We need a constant input of energy which can be sustained and used wisely for our own growth and maintenance. When our energy becomes too low or becomes erratic our homeostatic balance is challenged. If this imbalance occurs for too long, we become tired, emotionally imbalanced, and our physical body begins to suffer. The worse the imbalance, the sicker we become. When energy becomes very depleted, there is hardly enough to kick start ourselves again. It is common at this stage to become depressed or anxious, or to use up even more energy by working harder, because we recognize we are in a dangerous position. 

Do you experience any of the following?

  •  Tired too often or all the time
  •  Poor sleep
  •  Fear
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Sadness
  •  Anger
  •  Frustration
  •  Changeable emotions
  •  Poor memory
  •  Unable to concentrate
  •  Physical symptoms in one or more areas of the body
  •  Constant or intermittent pain

If you see yourself in one or more of the above you are to some extent out of balance. The more symptoms you experience, the more out of balance you are. Being out of balance comes from stress, illness itself and the continued depleting effects of illness.

Back into Balance

Once energy balance is restored, we begin to experience the following -

  •  Renewed energy
  •  Ability to take on tasks with confidence and clarity
  •  Easy sleep
  •  Refreshed on waking
  •  Self confidence
  •  Emotions occurring that are appropriate to events
  •  Appropriate emotions lasting for appropriate periods of time
  •  Calmness returning soon after emotions
  •  Physical symptoms diminishing
  •  Physical symptoms occurring less frequently

When the correct HFA remedy is given, the patient will begin to tick the above Back into Balance signs. 

Once we live with sustainable energy and our emotional and physical body is calm and in balance, we can pursue positive activities. It is common for patients to become more tolerant and have a greater understanding of those around them, once they regain their own personal energy balance. 

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