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Safe and effective, homeopathic treatment is based on universal principles.  Discovered in 1790, Homeopathy is known world-wide as a valuable, economical, and gentle health treatment.   Our practitioners come to you via the internet with their combined 50 plus years of experience. 

What are these universal principles?

Energy is the force of life and energy imbalance is the primary cause behind most chronic diseases.  Every person has their own unique type of energy and so does every substance.   

How can Homeopathy help me?

Homeopathy is energy medicine.  Using homeopathic principles, energy is extracted from natural substances and matched to a patient’s symptoms.  When the body recognises the remedy's energy as similar to itself, it will use this extra energy for self-healing.  A similar remedy will provide any extra energy the body needs for repair and healing.

How do we know substances have energy within them?

Scientists use the formula discovered by Albert Einstein (E = MC2) to release energy from matter - as seen when an atom is split.  E = energy.  Every substance has internal energy and this energy can be harnessed naturally to create a balance that promotes health.  Homeopathy uses this same energy safely and gently within a medical health model.

Why isn’t Homeopathy universally recognised?

In many countries it is.  There are thousands of homeopaths world-wide and many of them are trained within university medical programs.  Homeopathy is often criticised by sceptics as being unscientific and yet its protocols were developed (and copied) by conventional medicine as far back as 1860.  Those protocols included making all substances safe, giving the least dose that will effect an outcome, removing toxicity, and testing each substance.  Many scientific tests have validated homeopathy and continue to do so. 

Why are the sceptics sceptical?

Homeopathy is the cheapest form of medicine available in the world.  The homeopathic substances themselves come from natural plants, minerals, and animals found in nature.  They cannot be patented or owned.  Homeopathic medicine is so effective if it were taken up on a large scale it could have economic repercussions for large pharmaceutical companies and health systems worldwide.  Sceptics look for evidence of material substance remaining in the homeopathic remedies and say there is nothing material left.  While it is true there is nothing material or chemical left once the energy is extracted,  the energy remains, and can be recognised by the body when that energy is close to self.

What is self-energy?

We are all familiar with how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep.  This process of energy replenishment is not understood by science, and yet we all know how much more energetic we feel after a deep and refreshing sleep.  All organic life from plants to animals to human beings requires energy.  People get energy in four ways -

  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Exercise (which releases energy from the muscles)
  • Positive experiences

When any one or a combination of these factors is lacking or not available, our health suffers.  As a result we experience an energy drop and become tired, unhappy, stressed, and ultimately sick. 

How can homeopathic medicine supply this energy?

The actual process of receiving this energy (like the process of sleep and how it re-energises) is unknown.  However when a correctly chosen homeopathic medicine is given, an increase of energy, well-being, and improved health occurs. Homeopathy calls this medicine a constitutional remedy. It cannot be purchased off the shelf nor chosen without the advice of a qualified and experienced practitioner.  Bottles containing remedies all mixed together for a specific condition are also nowhere near as effective as a well chosen "self" remedy.

How is a remedy chosen that is close to self?

Everyone resonates to at least one, and up to a few, homoeopathic remedies.  Remedies can be close enough to help some areas of health but a truly constitutional remedy will increase all areas of health to some degree, and in some cases completely.  Where pathology has not yet changed the structure of an organ or body area, the problem can often be markedly improved – even structural pathology can be improved.  The process of choosing this remedy requires an experienced practitioner to understand the totality of your health.  This includes an examination of the stresses that have occurred throughout your life, and any stresses that may still be occurring and the way your body is responding.  

HFA homeopathy

Grant Bentley and Associates practice HFA homeopathy.  This unique form of homeopathy has been tested on thousands of patients and has higher success rates than contemporary homeopathic methodology.  The HFA process takes into account the structure of the face.  The face is a physical representation of the internal defence mechanism that directs the functioning of our immune, nervous and emotional health systems.  When this defence mechanism is understood, and matched to a remedy that includes the totality of the patient’s symptoms, significant healing occurs.  HFA homeopathy is based on the traditional rules as laid out by the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) - miasm and totality.

What is a constitutional remedy?

A constitutional remedy is an energy medicine that matches the totality of the person.  It represents all aspects of a patient, from their illness, to the way their symptoms present, to how the patient behaves and sees the world when they are out of their comfort zone or stressed.  A constitutional remedy helps the patient on all levels - energy levels, the way the immune system protects them from illness, current physical symptoms, and the balance of the emotions and the mind. A constitutional remedy is more than just the remedy pictures found in homeopathic books or online - it is a remedy that works for the patient on many levels. It is found via an experienced homeopath who understands how to analyse the patient's condition, and how to choose correct remedies.

Does this mean only one remedy will help me?

Some patients will respond to one remedy and for a long time (even years) only need that remedy on an ongoing or occasional basis.  However it is more common that patients resonate to a group of remedies - often only a few, taken one at a time.

How long does it take to find the constitutional remedy?

Using facial analysis, the process is much quicker than contemporary forms of homeopathy which predominantly try to analyse a patient’s constitutional state through their emotions or mind.  HFA homeopathy is objective and allows the practitioner to quickly understand the whole patient.  Successful remedies are found for 80% of patients within four consultations.

How long do I need to take homeopathic remedies?

When a homeopathic remedy is found that helps the patient at a deep constitutional level, it is taken on an as needs basis.  This means that some patients need the remedy just long enough to regain health and vitality and then that level will often sustain itself (without a remedy) for months or longer.  At some point the remedy (or a different closely related remedy) will need to be repeated - often when the patient has undergone a heavy workload or extended period of stress again.  Some patients (usually those who have been ill for a long time, have a deep seated issue, or the elderly) need to take a well chosen constitutional remedy daily.  As the remedies are energetic, they revitalise the body and should never be confused with the action of chemical agents (drugs).  Energy remedies are not addictive and they don't interact with chemicals, so they are constantly safe for everyone of all ages - where required, and when chosen correctly.  If you are already healthy and happy then you do not need to take a homeopathic medicine.  In fact your practitioner can only choose and monitor the correct remedy based on you presenting in an out of balance state - sick, tired and/or stressed.

I am taking conventional medicine – what should I do?

Stay on your medicine.  When you are healthier, discuss with your doctor your ongoing need for medications.  It is not safe to withdraw medicines without medical supervision.   Our aim is to safely improve your health without any risk AND at the same time the energy medicine will still work very well, without any interference, or interaction, between the two.  Our bodies want to adapt and become healthy – they just need the right environment to do so.  This includes sleep, healthy food, moderate exercise, positive experiences, and the right constitutional remedy or remedies to commence and maintain the healing process.

Do you treat children?

Yes, homeopathy is a very successful way of treating children.  We take all the information from the parent and where the child is old enough we also listen to their input. Many children suffer with out of balance emotions and physical symptoms - homeopathy safely and effectively brings them back into balance.

Do you treat animals?

Yes we do.  Animals get sick in just the same way as humans.  There is usually a stress of some kind and the right energy medicine can help them regain healthy balance.  The process of treatment is the same, including understanding their defence system and symptom responses through facial analysis.

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