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Grant Bentley (ND Dip Hom Grad Dip Psych. Th reg AROH, ATMS)     Grant Bentley is from Melbourne, Australia and has been working and studying in various fields of natural therapies since 1987.  Grant is a qualified Homeopath and Naturopath, has studied Clinical Hypnosis, and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Eriksonian Psychotherapy.  Grant is the current principal and senior lecturer of the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy (1995 –   ).   His first book Appearance and Circumstance (2003) details the nature of miasms (inherited stress and health responses) and how facial analysis can be used to determine a patient’s stress response using classical homeopathy.  Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) continues this work with detailed descriptions and examples of facial analysis.   Soul & Survival (2008) explains how these inherited stress responses (the survival instinct) influence our instinctive memories and define our behaviors when we are stressed.  Grant discusses the importance of competition and co-operation in regard to personal survival. He outlines the universal forces that influence each of us and how these forces can be read from our facial features. These forces are also responsible for changing social ethics over historical time periods.  Appearance and Circumstance, Homeopathic Facial Analysis and Soul & Survival have been translated into Russian and German.  Appearance and Circumstance and Homeopathic Facial Analysis have also been translated into Spanish. Grant has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe. 

How Aphorism 27 Changed The World (2013) details important aspects of homeopathy through the eyes of The Organon (Samuel Hahnemann 1755-1843) and how interpretations of that book have impacted on homeopathy today.

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Soul & Survival  Energy condenses into matter to form structure – including human structure where the most individual presentation of structure is seen in the face.  This process of energy oreceding matter is the reverse of extracting energy from a substance.  Extracting energy from a substance is the creation of a homeopathic remedy. The face is an area of a patient that can be studied to form an objective diagnosis as to the type of energy pattern or survival instinct inherited. The energy pattern or survival instinct of an individual will form the following -

  • Life themes
  • Individual responses to stress
  • Life strategies
  • The type of people and situations we attract

Life themes were identified during a ten year period in the clinic where it was observed that people belonging to the same stress response group (as based on facial analysis), had similar life stories and/or had similar stress responses.  Further observation led to the understanding of the survival instinct itself.  The stories in Soul & Survival are fictional and based on historical and contemporary times.  Each story demonstrates how individuals deal with types of stress, and how each of us has instinctive memory residing within us from birth.

Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) and Soul & Survival are original concepts developed by Grant Bentley based on his experience in the homeopathic clinic, research using clinical cases, and facial structure.  They are based on a contemporary interpretation of Samuel Hahnemann’s (1755–1843) three primary miasms. 

Louise Barton (Dip Hom reg AROH)    Louise Barton has been in clinical practice as a practising homeopath in Melbourne for seventeen years since graduating in 1996 from the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy.  She studied with the Bengal Allen Institute in India as part of her classical training.  She was involved in the Australian Homeopathic Association (Vic) from 2001- 2006 as state seminar organiser and as president from 2002 - 2004. 
Louise currently teaches at the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy and has been a working researcher with the Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) research project.  This includes clinical research and the development and production of her partner Grant Bentley's books Appearance and Circumstance, Homeopathic Facial Analysis, Soul & Survival and How Aphorism 27 Changed The World.

Robyn Williams  Dip  Hom. Reg AROH (Dip. PE (Melb), HDTS (PE))    Robyn Williams has been in clinical practice in Melbourne for nineteen years since graduating from the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy in 1994. Her studies included undertaking a course at the Bengal Allen Institute in India.  Robyn has a background in education as a physical educator and has many years’ experience dealing with paediatric head injuries.  She also has thirty years’ experience as a swimming teacher specialising in teaching children with disabilities.  She is renowned for her skills in the Halliwick method.  She has actively followed the process of the development of HFA homeopathy ever since attending one of Grant’s earliest workshops on the topic. Inspired by the consistently impressive clinical outcomes she witnessed from the application of the method she has been using HFA homeopathy for the past ten years and observes the successful outcomes of this method daily. 

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